Destination Punta del Este

City Tour Punta del Este

Sea and Mountain ranges
Southernmost point of Uruguay

Located at the East of the Rio de la Plata river, the southernmost point of Uruguay emerges: Punta del Este. Discovered by Spanish people in the past, populated by creoles, explored by pirates, is today the most known watering place of our country.

Las Flores and Piriapolis

Our trip begins in the morning through the Montevideo and Canelones’s coasts. Discover the enchanting landscape surrounded by mountain ranges,pines and eucalyptus where you'll learn about the mysticism of the Templars and the alchemy, through the works of Humberto Pittamiglio in the watering place Las Flores.

We will continue across the 10 Road with the Rio de la Plata`s landscape, arriving in “The Sun’s City”: Piriàpolis, founded in 1890 by Francisco Piria. We will visit the Argentino Hotel and the San Antonio Hill with a panoramic stop.

Mountains, Punta Ballena, Casapueblo and Punta del Este

Near Punta del Este, we will visit Punta Ballena and the well known art museum/workshop/hotel Casapueblo (Entry not included).

We will make the last stage of our tour, arriving to Punta del Este next the Mansa Beach, crossing Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria Port, where the Rio de la Plata River ends, joining the Ocean. You can also find the Isla de Lobos (Sea lions Island) with its Lighthouse.
Then we will go to admire the most emblematic monument of Punta del Este: La Mano (The Hand). It’s a stop where you can have free time, take photos, have lunch and personal activities.
We will meet at the meeting point. We will know the Beverly Hill neighborhood with its mansions and huge gardens, the Marconi neighborhood, and at last the most ancient and famous neighborhood of Punta: El Cantegril.
Return to Montevideo surrounding the Mansa Beach.
Return to the hotels and end of our services.
Optionally we can leave you in the Montevideo Shopping Center or in the Punta Carretas Shopping Center.


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